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coffee diary 150603

The FuLiYang coffee is rich in chocolatey and rosey aromas, greeting the drinker to the cup. It’s a chewey, full-bodied brew, tasting...

The Loner 0

culture and society

I’d love to see something that you write about culture and society. What do you see as important cultural issues for your...

Fast & Furious 7 0

Movie review – Furious 7

This is not a complicated storyline/plot or theme, but it’s executed well on all fronts, and is supremely entertaining. Furious 7 gives...

KingsmanMoviePoster.jpg 0

Kingsman: Movie Review

Channeling the feel of the 60’s spy movies isn’t easy, when all the slick glitz of the modern CGI is involved, but Kingsman...

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