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Ringo Starr, Beatle for peace! 0

Were the hippies wrong?

Were the hippies irresponsible, or are the oligarchs to blame for the sorry state of affairs the USA finds itself in today?...


coffee diary 150603

The FuLiYang coffee is rich in chocolatey and rosey aromas, greeting the drinker to the cup. It’s a chewey, full-bodied brew, tasting...

The Loner 0

culture and society

I’d love to see something that you write about culture and society. What do you see as important cultural issues for your...

Fast & Furious 7 0

Movie review – Furious 7

This is not a complicated storyline/plot or theme, but it’s executed well on all fronts, and is supremely entertaining. Furious 7 gives...

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