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付艳晖   请走进些 不要止步于远望 那漫山遍野的 灿若云霞的映山红 只会让你的眼睛着火 请再走进些 让她们在你面前招摇 那火红火红的花簇 在绿叶青岩间舞蹈 才会冲开你惊艳的笑脸   谁能忍得住驻足不前 谁能忍得住迟疑犹豫 谁能不爱抚迎风玉立的花朵 谁能不轻吻娇艳欲滴的颜色   你心中的坚冰 让这火一样的花儿融化吧 天地之气给了她们生命 在寂寞的山谷间绚丽盛开...

Beetles - Asian Long-horn 0

Beetles, birds and flowers

Illustration for teaching purposes is fun to do, because it can engage the students as it gives them a clear picture of...

Ringo Starr, Beatle for peace! 0

Were the hippies wrong?

Were the hippies irresponsible, or are the oligarchs to blame for the sorry state of affairs the USA finds itself in today?...

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