The Coffee Diaries Musings about my wanderings through the wonderful world of coffee

date: 090912: location: Bangkok, Sala Deng, Silom Rd, DeliFrance. I came here hoping for good coffee and possibly a croissant worthy of the name. I found neither. Although the set menu price of THB79 was represented as an attractive rate, in actual fact Big C and numerous other vendors sell croissants for THB6 each. The croissants here were not shaped to a crescent, and didn’t have the walnutty aroma of brioche dough that’s been through three turns on the
dough retarder. The coffee was bitter even though not an espresso, and it needed a packet of sugar to go down my throat. Regrettable French showing.

090916 Nielsen-Hays Cafe
Coffee sourced from Lavazza, so it was neither fresh nor lively with flavour. Origins appear to be much VN robusto, some Indonesian Arabica as there’s quite a kick and much body, slight floweriness to aroma. Neither bitter nor sweet.

090917 Black Canyon Coffee, Platinum Fashion Ctr., BKK. Espresso was hot, almost smooth as silk, and delicately flavoured of Indonesian spice. And there was 60cc for THB60 as well, making this a good contender in the commercial espresso market.

090922 Coffee World Cafe du Monde Central Silom Building. Espresso Presto size is ca 35cl in a mini mug that traps most of the flowery aromas to the ultimate disadvantage of the drink. Altho it retains it’s heat, the aromas are difficult to dislodge from the brew, making enjoyment of this smooth and strong blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees. Cost is not trivial at THB65, but a good cup when taken hot.

090923 Doitung Sala Daeng, Silom Rd., Bang Rak, Bangkok. Coffee in 100mm straightwalled ceramic minimug, only just hot enough for initial enjoyment. For THB55 slight bitterness, it’s apparently all domestic Thai coffee from former opium poppy fields in the “Golden Triangle”, so it’s good coffee for a good cause. The source is hard to overlook, given that the walls are given over to the socio-political message ‘Lifestyle for livelihood’. Layout, architecture & lighting, furnising and decor are all very Modern, which starkly contrasts with the agrarian theme of the cause, and is itself retro at the end of the 21C’s first decade.

090924 Pearl Bakery Bar, 8 Srivieng Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok. Espresso heavily flavorful, the coffee smells blossomy and tastes smooth. The quantity is someshat lacking, being about 20cl., but for THB35 it’s a real deal!

091004 Whittard at Ari BTS on Phapholytai Rd. Americano is plentiful and expensive @ THB95. That’s where it’s ordinarity ends. Blueberries again! What in heaven is this? Not only that, this is strong enough to give me palpitations, really gets the old motor running! I’m not alone in here, the cafe’s crowded, mostly indoors, tho they’re misting the high-volume fans on the terrace, and some folks are out there, Phapholytai Road is noisy and not too far off, and since it’s not Boul Mich nobody wants to know! But I’d do this again in a palpiated heartbeat! Destination coffee for sure.

091007 Ur Station Soi Saunplu Americano hot THB50, served in mug, ca 300cl. very hot, fragrant. not bitter.

091022 3All Coffee Sathon 18/7 North of soi 8. Bright and clean little cafe, Espresso 35CL in proper cup + offset cleft saucer – very good coffee in quite a pleasing service and setting. Good crema, the flavour is clean and regional, probably why there’s low bitterness in the cup. Not the absolute best, but quite good, and adjacent to offices, shopping and dining in a pleasant middle-class area around Narathiwas soi 8.

091023 Cafe de famille Silom soi 21/1 opp Silom City Hotel. Coffee is advertised as 100% Arabica, and it tastes true. Very smooth and with beige crema that’s not overly thick, the aroma is slightly fragrant, smells like VN more than Indonesian. No need for sugar, this is a fine 35cl of espresso. Also serving pastries, the chocolate cake THB50 is fun, texture like pudding and much smooth chocolate taste.

091111 Solano Coffee Cafe in Fortune Center BKK serves 400cl Americano that’s frothy on top and smooth on the tongue. It’s full bodied and darkly coloured, and also quite strong, and for THB75 is very satisfying. It’s a wonder that the True staff don’t have this place mobbed, but I was only one of two people, or orders, served in half an hour right around morning break time.

091209 Barista Coffee ChongWenMen Glory Mall (opp New World), lower 1 under main skylight. Americano has delightful whiffs of cinnamon and a hint of chocolate. Taste is smooth and slightly almondish. Consistency is very finely granular. Colour is dark brown. Cost is ¥28 for ca 350cl, served in branded bowl-cup underlaid by saucer. Very satisfying.