About Culturefaces

What we are

The essence of CultureFaces is sharing and discussing the ideas and activities which give life flavor and meaning. We recognize that every community and ethnicity has ways of talking, acting, dressing, grooming, cooking and expressing their asthetic and musical notions, which are the elements which distinguish it from other cultures. Generally, those which are benevolent and well-intended are good for people in general, so communication about them helps to build bridges of understanding in the world.

CultureFaces is about people engaging with each other through the art and practices of their everyday lives. Contrary to the corporatist model, we believe that true culture comes up from the community, where it is known by its broad basis and widespread acceptance. This is intended to be a place where people can share their cultures, interact on a cultural basis, and understand each other through their shared artistic appreciation and cultural activities.

There may be things for sale here, but only what is actually made by the minds and hands of the first-person participants. No commercial vendors of third party goods or artistic/entertainment items is permitted. Culture comes from people, one by one, and that is the focus of CultureFaces.

what we are not

Just so we can be clear on all matters, to all parties, here are the more important limitations on what CultureFaces is not about, and what is not going to be permitted to appear on these pages.

We extend that engagement across national boundaries and physical distances, so that everyone may be included in culture, so long as they promote peace, love and understanding. Although many promote ideas that religions, partisan politics, cult followings, substance abuse sexual practices, and even business/corporatism are or have elements of culture, such things are shown to damage interpersonal relationships rather than build and strengthen them. Those ideas will be moderated out of the comments and discussions here, but feel free to take them elsewhere, that they might be welcome.

Some folks prefer to focus only on the stars and celebrities in the world, essentially allowing their idea of culture to come down from the corporations or governments, through those anointed to be such containers of values in our societies. A hallmark of such imposed culture is that it is delivered through advertisements, which essentially direct society to accept and adopt an idea or entertainment item/event, and especially to pay for it. That’s not what CultureFaces is about.