Urban parks and business districts

Almost every major urban center in the world has a park or two right smack dab in the middle of its most crowded and expensive business district. We might wonder why that is, when this property is so valuable.

parks and cbds
parks and cbds

And even more perplexing might be the regularity with which this is the case? Is it a basic human need, or is it a recurring accident, part of the human habit?

We could do our research, make a survey of just this, which would be the academicly, historically and scientificly accurate way to know the answer. Bad luck for me, there was no hard research available, but there were websites for encyclopedias, dictionaries and a couple of park departments. It still leaves us guessing, so that work lies ahead.

What we don’t need to work too hard at, is enjoying the break from the busy sidewalks and the closed-in feeling of buildings. Except for really bad weather, being out in the open space just feels great. If there is a natural element, it’s very much nicer, and if it has a cultural aspect or two, I’ll look forward to every visit!

Speaking for myself, accessability is the key. When I can get to a park easily, I’ll go very often.

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